designing, manufacturing, supplying & installing iron works & Wooden works The Al-Anoud Golden Factory for Metal Artifacts was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2002 as a factory specialized in designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing iron works of various kinds. and with experience that has been with us since 1986. About AG


Metal Residential Works

  • Metal Doors
  • Metal & Glass Handrails
  • Metal Protection Windows
  • Interior & Exterior Metal Decoration

Metal Construction Works

  • Metal Towers
  • Exterior Metal Frontage
  • Construction Hanging Stairs
  • Structural Metal Awnings

Wood Works

  • Wooden Doors
  • Wooden Wall Cladding
  • Wooden partition
  • Wooden Books Closet
  • Wooden Counters


Why Al Anoud
Golden Group

Long experience of more than 25 years.

Special attention to details.

Reliable after-sales services.

International designs and local services.

Strict quality control systems.

Continuous improvement of the quality of our products.

High value engineering solutions.