About us

Al-Anoud Golden Factory for Metal Artifacts was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2002 as a factory specialized in designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing iron works of various kinds. and with experience that has been with us since 1986.



The residential works section is considered one of the most important departments of the factory, and the monthly production capacity of the factory has reached about 1500 square meters, making it one of the most reliable factories in the Riyadh region for the production of wrought iron (home), including doors, protection windows and handrails in various designs.

As for the department of commercial buildings (towers), malls and commercial complexes, we are committed to providing the best possible studies that are relied upon to be installed with the highest quality and required engineering sizes, with full commitment to duration and accuracy of work.

The department of stainless steel and glass works has a high importance within our business as we are committed to providing the highest standards based on suppliers with international competencies in the manufacture and supply of raw stainless steel materials, the most important of which is Auto Combo Armital, which is committed to international standards in the stainless steel industry.

What also makes our factory one of the most important factories in this field is our sufficiently trained and highly professional staff..

Because of our passion for industry and our distinction in it, the woodworking branch was established under the name of Wood Style. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and implementation in order to be one of the most important factories specialized in woodworking in the region.

We are always committed to being locally present in every site we work in, and we currently have more than 85 workers trained in iron works and 10 finishing specialists under the supervision of 7 site supervisors with special experience for each work we do